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Appraisal Toolkit for Sessional GPs

Appraisal Toolkit for Sessional GPs

This toolkit is designed to support you when using the online appraisal forms on SOAR (based on the GMC 4 Domains of GMP), to prepare for your annual appraisal and to inform Revalidation.

This toolkit is intended to help Sessional GPs working in Scotland, particularly those who have no fixed practice base, with preparing and providing supporting information for Appraisal.  If you do some Out Of Hours work, make sure you review the OOH GP toolkit as well: you will need to include this in your appraisal evidence.

This is a supplement to the main Scottish GP Appraisal toolkit. You should still follow the guidance from the section "What do I have to do for my appraisal this year?"

Before you start...

Check what supporting information you will need to provide as a minimum to allow you to Revalidate with the GMC.  If you are not sure, ask your appraiser.


Providing appraisal supporting information is intended to be an educational and developmental process for the appraisee, allowing him/her to reflect in depth on an aspect of personal practice each year. It is gathered under the four GMC Domains of "Good Medical Practice".

  • Domain 1: Knowledge, Skills and Performance
  • Domain 2: Safety and Quality
  • Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork
  • Domain 4: Maintaining Trust

The information you are asked to provide under each heading can be summarised as:

  1. Learning from the last year, current learning plan, supporting information about the quality of the work you do
  2. Quality Improvement Activities (QIA), Significant Event Analysis (SEA)
  3. Feedback from Patients, Feedback from Colleagues, Compliments
  4. Health, Probity, Complaints & Critical Incidents declarations

These areas are intended for reflection and discussion with your appraiser, so that they can help you to provide supporting information to meet the requirements of revalidation. This toolkit for sessional doctors aims to provide explanations and details which are relevant to doctors working without a fixed practice base.

The main Scottish GP Appraisal Toolkit also contains a series of suggestions for supporting information that you might wish to use for discussion with your appraiser. They include worked examples, and for many GPs these can provide a suitable basis for information for appraisal, even if they have no long-term fixed base of employment.

Toolkit sections:

This page was last updated on: 11/03/2022