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What the new GMP means for appraisal

What the new GMP means for appraisal

[The GMC's Good Medical Practice (2024) was updated and launched in January 2024.]

The discussion and summary will be focused on the four new domains:

  1. Knowledge, skill and development
  2. Patients, partnership and communication
  3. Colleagues, culture and safety
  4. Trust and professionalism.

The supporting information requirements have not changed, the same six categories apply:

  1. Continuing professional development
  2. Quality improvement activity
  3. Significant events
  4. Feedback from patients or those to whom you provide medical services
  5. Feedback from colleagues
  6. Compliments and complaints

The health and probity statements also remain.

In the updated version of SOAR the supporting information is mapped to the domains as follows:

Supporting information and other sections Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3 Domain 4
Continuing professional development x      
Quality improvement activity x      
Significant events     x  
Feedback from patients   x    
Feedback from colleagues     x  
Compliments and complaints   x    
PDP and PDP review x      
Health statement     x  
Probity statement       x
Recognition of Trainer (RoT)     x  


As previously, some of this information can also fit into other domains and can be discussed there. It is not necessary to submit any supporting information to more than one domain.

If the RoT section applies, it is important that the relevant supporting information is uploaded under the RoT section rather than elsewhere in the portfolio. Otherwise, it will not be visible to the Directors of Medical Education who make the trainer re-recognition recommendations.

In the new GMC GMP guidance there is more focus on:

  • Compassionate working cultures
  • Effective teamwork and interpersonal relationships
  • Working and training environment free from discrimination, where people are respected and valued as individuals
  • More specific requirements of doctors in formal leadership roles

Appraisees may wish to make links to these areas in their reflections in the supporting information that they are submitting.

Appraisers should be mindful of these themes when they explore the doctor's working environment and supporting information with them, and reference any relevant discussions in the appraisal summary.

This page was last updated on: 21/03/2024