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I'm a Clinical Academic, what else do I need to know?

I'm a Clinical Academic, what else do I need to know?

Clinical academics are individuals who have an honorary role with the NHS.  It was agreed at national stakeholders level that clinical academic should not have to go through a separate university appraisal and the work they do there should be discussed as part of the "whole practice" appraisal approach.  As such SOAR has been set up so facilitate a "joint" appraisal meeting with appraisee, appraiser and university appraiser (referred to as "co-appraiser" on SOAR).

Clinical academics require to complete an additional "Academic medicines" form under Form 3 Domain 1 on SOAR.  If the form is not enabled please liaise with the health board admin team to get this arranged BEFORE the appraisal proceeds (as there are other considerations to factor in re appraisal setup).

For more information please review the information on the Scottish Medical Appraisal toolkit or the PowerPoint guidance below.

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