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Scottish Medical Appraisal Toolkit

Scottish Medical Appraisal Toolkit

[ 7/12/2022 Update: Following updated national guidance re preparing for appraisals for revalidation, we are in the process of updating this toolkit and other information on the website.  Please bear with us if the information you come across in this section doesn't correspond with the latest guidance.  We hope to update this all ASAP. ]

As part of your appraisal each year, you are asked to produce supporting information of clinical and educational activities which evidences and reflects your commitment to delivering and improving on high standard of patient care.  Your supporting information should demonstrate that you have considered and evaluated the quality of your work, the impact on patient care and have considered changes in behaviour where appropriate.

Your appraisal offers you an opportunity to discuss this and reflect on all aspects of your practice with your appraiser, which may highlight areas for further development.

This toolkit includes a selection of tools and ideas covering different areas of practice, designed to help you formulate your supporting information collection in preparation of your annual medical appraisals; which in turn helps inform your medical revalidation.

For information about the appraisal forms on SOAR please visit appraisal section of the website.

What supporting information goes where?

Supporting information is required for all domains annually.  Some items are fairly obvious - for example, an audit would usually go in Domain 2 under Quality Improvement Activities (QIA). Other items might go under more than one domain heading - for example, an SEA might refer to a demonstration of good practice or to teamwork, and you might then decide to place it in domains 2 or 4, rather than domain 3.

For the purposes of SOAR and the online setup, you do not need to upload it multiple times in multiple domains, simply make a reference in the comments box (e.g. "Please see also see SEA uploaded in Domain 2" etc).

The other thing to consider is appraisal year.  Appraisal years in Scotland counts from April to March for reporting purposes and is based on WHEN the appraisal took place, rather than when the supporting information refers to.  Typically it is expected that all supporting information per appraisal relates to the past 12 months or since last appraisal.


It is useful to have something under each domain to discuss with your appraiser, after all it is whole-practice appraisal, but be selective in highlighting what you wish to discuss.  Focus on things that you feel could enhance your learning or development when discussed in depth with your appraiser.

Supporting information required of you in appraisal, and by same extend revalidation, should not be additional to your normal practice.  You may need to collate and upload documents as part of the appraisal process, but the information you collect should be from work you already do, not in addition to what you already do.

What about revalidation?

Although appraisal and revalidation are intrinsically linked - they are separate processes with different governance protocols.  Revalidation is a process that happens in the background and unless requested specifically by your Responsible Officer, you simply need to progress with your annual appraisals and other mandatory training/requirements.

Remember:  the purpose of appraisal is (and always had been) to support the development and wellbeing of a doctor.  It is an opportunity to discuss in confidence with a trained colleague your experience and explore how you might develop your interests and skills further.  Make the process work for you by focussing the discussions on themes important to you.

This page was last updated on: 07/12/2022