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New Appraiser training courses

New Appraiser training courses

The latest round of New Appraiser Training courses is listed below.

Please note, the focus of the Medical Appraiser courses is intended (and funded) for primary and secondary care doctors for the purposes of Medical Revalidation.  The content is bespoke for this and whilst we welcome applications from other areas, our priorities are with the medical colleagues.

New Appraiser: Training format

We have developed our training programme so that it is suitable for remote delivery.  Please review details below of new processes:

  • The training course is delivered via a mix of mandatory online modules and 2x half-days attendance (via MS Teams)
  • Participants will still be assessed on the course and the outcome will be communicated ASAP post-training

Copies of the programme/timetable (for both AM and PM courses) are available for info; along with the assessment sheet in which tutors will assess participants' readiness to take on the appraiser role.

New Appraiser: Training courses

When considering your availability, please select up to 3 courses from the list and rank your preference accordingly.

  • Where the training course ID ends in A, it signifies morning sessions (9am to 12:30pm)
  • Where the training course ID ends in P, it signifies afternoon sessions (1:30pm to 5pm)

Please note this course is run over two half-days and you MUST attend both days of the same course.

Events List- New Appraiser Training Only
N92A New Appraiser (N92 AM) 24/08/2022
MS Teams
N92P New Appraiser (N92 PM) 24/08/2022
MS Teams

New Appraiser: Application

Applicants are asked to contact the employing health board's Appraisal Lead in the first instance to determine if there are local health board vacancies, and suitability, prior to submitting an application form.

(For primary care GP applicants, this takes the form of a formal interview.)

When submitting your application form, you are required to copy in your potential employing health board's Appraisal Lead as proof of their support of your application.

Applications without the support of Appraisal Leads will not be processed.

The application form can be downloaded below.  Save the form to your computer; and email the completed form in its original format back to  Please do NOT print and scan your forms back to us, the application form needs to be in the original Word format for us to be able to import it into our system.

Make sure you remember to copy in your Appraisal Lead when emailing in your application.

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