Scottish GP Appraisal Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support you when using the online appraisal forms on SOAR (based on the GMC 4 Domains of GMP), to prepare for your annual appraisal and to inform Revalidation.

This Toolkit provides a selection of tools and ideas which can be used to provide supporting information for each of the Domains in Appraisal Form 3.

Summary overview of Domains

Within each of the 4 Domains, there are a number of mandatory Core Elements that you need to provide supporting information for.

Domain 1: Knowledge, Skills & Performance

  • Last year's learning and PDP review
  • Proposals for the current year's PDP
  • Demonstration of good practice

Domain 2: Safety and Quality

  • Quality Improvement Activity (five in 5 years)
  • Significant Event Analysis (five in 5 years)

Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork

  • Multi-Source Feedback (one in 5 years)
  • Patient survey (one in 5 years)
  • Additional reflections in a year when neither of the above is undertaken

Domain 4: Maintaining Trust

  • Self declaration statement on Health
  • Self declaration statement on Probity
  • Self declaration statement on Complaints/Critical Incidents

On the online forms, the required Core Elements are detailed at the top of each the relevant pages to serve as a reminder of what's needed for each Domain.

What Supporting Information goes where?

Some items are fairly obvious - for example an audit would usually go in Domain 2 under Quality Improvement Activities. Other items might go under more than one domain heading.

For example, an SEA might refer to a demonstration of good practice or to teamwork, and you might then decide to place it in domains 2 or 4, rather than domain 3. This does not matter as it still counts towards your required number of SEAs for Revalidation.


It is useful to have something under each domain to discuss with your appraiser but be selective. It will be more valuable if you have a small number of items that you feel could enhance your learning or development when discussed in depth with your appraiser.

Toolkit sections:

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