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Out Of Hours (OOH) GP Appraisal Toolkit

Out Of Hours (OOH) GP Appraisal Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support you when using the online forms on SOAR (based on the GMC 4 Domains of GMP), to prepare for your annual appraisal and to inform Revalidation

All doctors on a Performers List in the NHS are required to undertake annual appraisal. It is your responsibility to prepare for appraisal by providing the required Supporting Information, and to make yourself available for an interview which will usually last at least two hours.

Doctors whose role is mainly or exclusively in Out of Hours (OOH) work should expect their annual appraisal to include a focus on one area in depth each year, in addition to the following:

  • Review of the job(s) they do
  • Complaints
  • Recent past learning
  • Future learning and development (PDP)
  • Significant events
  • Probity
  • Health

This Toolkit is mainly concerned with the supporting information that can be provided for the "in depth" components of your appraisal.

Doctors who undertake OOH work in addition to another role such as "daytime GP" should expect their appraisal to include reflection on their OOH work, including a review of its quality and educational needs. Depending on the scope of their other commitments, their OOH work should be reviewed in depth at least once in the five year Revalidation cycle.

The Out Of Hours organisations require all doctors who work for them to be on a Performers List and to comply with the requirements for annual appraisal. Doctors working for them should expect that they offer support for this, particularly through facilitating access to data to support reflection on the quality of their work.

This toolkit is intended to help you with preparing and providing supporting information for appraisal, supplementary to the online appraisal forms and the main Appraisal toolkit.

Toolkit sections:

This page was last updated on: 21/03/2022