What do I have to do for my appraisal this year?

The online appraisal forms are structured around the 4 Domains for Revalidation which are also used in the most recent version of Good Medical Practice (2013).

The online forms are designed to avoid repetition and to decrease the work you have to do for future appraisals. The guidance in this section outlines what you need to do for your forthcoming appraisal.

At any given appraisal, we expect the Appraisee to present and discussion supporting information from the past 12 months (or since last appraisal) covering the whole of their practice, including any OOH or private/non-NHS work.

GP Appraisals have been recorded on SOAR since 2003/2004, including those done on paper. Secondary Care Appraisals were recorded on SOAR since 2011/2012, but only for those who opted to use the online forms on SOAR.  We have no facility to add old/previous appraisals to SOAR that were done on paper.

This page was last updated on: 15/09/2017