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How do I get started with my appraisal?

How do I get started with my appraisal?

Appraiser allocation

Your local appraisal administrator will allocate you to an appraiser.  They will provide you with contact details and you may ask for a different appraiser if you feel the allocation is not appropriate (e.g. neighbours, in a relationship, in-laws, line manager etc).  Otherwise, it is a good idea to contact your appraiser promptly to arrange a time for your interview that is mutually convenient.

Remember, your appraiser is a trained peer who (unless retired) also has clinical duties.  If you delay, you may have little choice of date or timing.

SOAR login

You will need a login name and password to get into SOAR.  If you are not aware of your login details, please complete the SOAR Login Request form in the first instance (take care in selecting the correct employing health board to ensure the request goes to the correct team).

Supporting information

You need to find out what supporting information you will need to provide for this year's appraisal.  To do this you should read carefully the guidance on appraisal (and revalidation) via one of the toolkits available (select the toolkit that applies to you).  Your appraiser will be happy to advise you further if required and we recommend that you ask if you are unsure with anything.

If not already done so, you should consider the questions posed in the previous page.

Your reflections

Much of your supporting information is likely to be in the form of completed reflective questionnaire or templates (such as an audit or SEA).  These are documents you can store on your computer and upload to SOAR whenever you have completed them.

Appraisal forms completion and submission

Once you are sure what supporting information you will provide this year, you should begin to complete the Appraisal Forms.  You will be prompted to upload or document appropriate supporting information at the appropriate domains.

To get access to your Appraisal Forms, you must login to SOAR.

If not already collated, we advise that you start your appraisal preparation three months before your interview date.  This is to allow you time to gather all the information, but also so that you can confirm it with your appraiser well in advance - who will also need time to review your submission prior to meeting you.

If you are not sure what to provide or how much, we strongly advise that you contact your appraiser to check what is needed.

Once your appraisal has taken place, your appraiser will provide a draft record of it (Form 4) which you will be asked to approve.  This becomes your principal revalidation evidence for that year, and it will be available to the Responsible Officer on SOAR when it is near your revalidation due date.

This page was last updated on: 31/12/2021