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Supporting Information for your appraisal

Supporting Information for your appraisal

The quality of the preparation you undertake has a direct impact on the quality of the appraisal interview. If it is hastily done then the value of the interview will be diminished. In addition, the process of revalidation is likely to be straightforward if you prepare well for appraisal.

Appraisal is an annual review of a doctor's existing/ongoing work, and as such, they should not have to do or provide anything above their normal standard of practice.

All doctors preparing for their annual appraisals are recommended to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of supporting information in their appraisal portfolio by demonstrating:

  • An appropriate level of detail in describing your scope of work;
  • Annual reflection on continuing professional development (CPD) learning activities across a balanced range appropriate to scope of work (check your royal college for appraisal CPD requirements);
  • An annual PDP that includes learning activities across a balanced range appropriate to your scope of work;
  • Quality improvement activities (QIA) should be included every year to demonstrate how you review the quality of your work and reflect on the standard of care you provide;
  • Review of significant event analysis (SEA) should be included on an annual basis which includes reflection and learning outcomes (this can be an event where there has been a positive result as well as a potentially negative one);
  • Reflection on feedback from colleagues using a feedback tool compliant with the GMC requirements at least once in every five year cycle; it is important to ensure that there are appropriate respondents from across your whole scope of work;
  • Reflection on feedback from patients using a feedback tool compliant with the GMC requirements at least once in every five year cycle;
  • Reflection on other sources of feedback from patients, whether formal or informal, including compliments, where appropriate, on an annual basis;
  • Reflection on all complaints in which you have been personally named or involved;
  • Reflection on anything else you have been specifically asked to bring to the appraisal.

Appraisal and Revalidation supporting information

For each Domain, certain supporting information is required for the purposes of appraisal and revalidation.  The content of will be different depending on your specialty, but the types of supporting information required at appraisal is the same for all doctors.

Supporting information Domain Frequency
A) Continuing Professional Development record 1 Every Appraisal
B) Quality Improvement Activity 2 Every Appraisal
C) Review of Significant Events 2 Every Appraisal
D) Feedback from Colleagues (MSF) 3 Once in a 5 year cycle
D) Feedback from Patients (PSQ) 3 Once in a 5 year cycle
E) Complaints and Compliments 4 Every Appraisal
F) Probity statements 4 Every Appraisal
G) Health statements 4 Every Appraisal


Most doctors will present supporting information about their practice from a number of different areas each year.

To help you prepare your supporting information for appraisal, please review the guidance, resources and templates offered in the Appraisal Toolkits.

This page was last updated on: 21/03/2022