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A guide to the appraisal forms on SOAR

A guide to the appraisal forms on SOAR

The online forms on SOAR, designed to avoid repetition and to decrease the work you have to do for future appraisals, are structured around the 4 Domains for revalidation (as used in the Good Medical Practice).  All appraisal forms are listed below describing what each one covers.

Appraisees are only required to complete Forms 1-3 in preparation of their appraisal; and Form 6 to provide feedback after the appraisal has been concluded.

SOAR can be used to collate your supporting information throughout the year so you don't (and shouldn't) have to leave it up until your appraisal is due.

For more guidance on content of the forms in relation to your role, please check out the toolkits available.

Form 1 - Background Details

Background information like contact details, GMC number, GMC registration etc.

Form 2 - Work You Do

Information about the work you do, place of work, any sub-specialty Out Of Hours commitments, or private practice or other additional roles in or outwith the NHS, etc.

Information you provide should cover your practice at all locations since your last appraisal or during the last 12 months, whichever is longer.

You may wish to comment in addition on factors which affect the provision of good health care, including your views on resources available and action taken to address any obstacles to the provision of good health care.

The information you provide on Forms 1 and 2 will remain on SOAR to save you from having to re-enter same/similar details, so that all you need to do is review and update the information as appropriate in subsequent appraisals.

Form 3 - Supporting Information

Form 3 is split into 4 Domains, and within each Domain there are different elements that appraisees are asked to provide supporting information for (links below redirects to Good Medical Practice on GMC website in new window):

Domain 1: Knowledge, Skills & Performance

  • CPD log
  • Last year's learning and PDP review
  • Proposals for the current year's PDP

Domain 2: Safety and Quality

  • Quality Improvement Activity
  • Review of Significant Events

Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork

  • Multi-Source Feedback (one in 5 years)
  • Patient survey (one in 5 years)
  • Additional reflections in a year when neither of the above is undertaken

Domain 4: Maintaining Trust

  • Self declaration statement on Health
  • Self declaration statement on Probity
  • Self declaration statement on Complaints/Critical Incidents

Please visit the Supporting Information page for more details.

Your appraiser may be happy to see some of the supporting information at the interview without you uploading it all (e.g. training attendance certificates).  Ask your appraiser if you think uploading an item may be a problem or perhaps unnecessary - but remember to document everything presented to the appraisal in the relevant comments boxes, especially if it's not been uploaded.

Form 4 - Summary of Appraisal

Form 4 is a summary description of the appraisal meeting, and is drafted by the appraiser.  An appraisal is considered "complete" when the appraisee has reviewed and approved the Form 4, and the details will be archived accordingly (submitted forms 1-3 will not be editable at this stage).

Form 4 is also used as proof of appraisal for those who are moving between health board areas or different jobs.

Form 5A - Notification of Exemption from Appraisal

Form 5A is used in lieu of Form 4 if an appraisee has legitimate reasons for not being appraised in a particular appraisal year (April to March).  For example, maternity leave, sabbatical, working abroad, etc.

Form 5B - Notification of Non-Engagement in Appraisal

Form 5B is used in lieu of Form 4 if for whatever reason, the appraisee fails to engage with the appraisal process after the local team has exhausted their options.

Use of Form 5B will impact a doctor's revalidation as this will be flagged to the RO.

Form 5C - Notification of Clinical Governance issues

Form 5C is used by appraisers or local admin teams to record any Clinical Governance issues reported to them about an appraisee.

Form 6A - Appraisee Feedback

Form 6A is created automatically for appraisees according to individual appraisals on SOAR.  Appraisees have 8 weeks to complete and submit the form, otherwise it will simply be removed from SOAR thereafter.

Collated feedback is produced in an anonymised report, and is reviewed by the appraiser and Appraisal Lead as part of their reflection and QA reviews respectively.

Form 6B - Appraiser Feedback

Form 6B is created automatically for appraisers for their first ten appraisals on SOAR, thereafter it is optional for appraisers and can be used as a reflective tool on a particularly successful or challenging appraisal.  8 week completion/submission timeframe also applies.

Form 7 - Recognition of Trainer (RoT)

Form 7 is NOT for appraisee nor appraiser to complete - it is a read-only form automatically generated post appraisal sign off.

As part of the RoT process, appraisees who are have named-trainer roles are asked to make a self-declaration on their status as a trainer as part of their Form 3 Domain 1.  This submission is discussed and summarised accordingly on Form 4 by the appraiser.

The Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) and the Medical Schools / Educational Organisations (EOs) have NO access to any parts of the appraisal forms.

To facilitate access to the RoT material within an appraisal, a Form 7 is automatically generated upon completion of Form 4 consisting of read-only copies of:

  • RoT information submitted by the Trainer on Form 3, and
  • Appraiser comments from Form 4 in respect of RoT.

Form 7 is the only part of the appraisal process that DMEs and EOs have access to.

More information on RoT processes on SOAR is available.  For guidance on the RoT processes itself, please visit

This page was last updated on: 07/04/2022