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Documents Upload queries

Documents Upload queries

Common queries on Documents Upload function on SOAR

1. How do I add documents to my appraisal?

Files are uploaded directly to Form 3 Domains' Supporting Information pages.

Navigate to the relevant Domain and its corresponding "Supporting Info" page.  You should see the option to add documents in the middle of the page.

When adding documents, you will also be given the chance to add documents from past submissions (useful if you have documents for multi-year activities like degree/studies/projects etc).

2. Is there a limit on file size?

There is a maximum of 12MB per upload - you can upload as many files as you like, but the combined size per upload must not exceed 12MB.

If you have a file that is 12MB, upload that separately first before you upload other files.

If the file you are uploading is more than 12MB, try converting the file to PDF, it may reduce from your original file size.  (Or remove or compact image sizes where possible)

3. Are there any files (types/formats) I cannot upload?

There is a "white list" of acceptable file types that you can upload to SOAR.  For security reasons we will not disclosed this publicly, but the list is quite extensive and includes most of the file types associated with PC and Mac users, Microsoft and OpenOffice files, JPG and PDF etc.

If you have a particular file that you are unable to upload, contact the helpdesk with details of the file (file extension, where it originated from), and we will see about either extending the whitelist or help you convert the file to a more common file type.

Remember, if the file type is rare / unique then chances are, your appraiser might not be able to open the file - best keep your files in common cross platform file extensions (.RTF, .PDF, .JPG etc)

Please visit Technical Queries section for more information on file formats.

4. My appraiser / work computer cannot open my uploaded files?

If your appraiser has difficulty opening your uploaded files, or if you uploaded files at home but find that you couldn't open them at your work computers, the most common scenario is that you are using a Mac computer at home.

To get round this problem, try saving the document (using home device) in a different format.  Mac users should be able to save word documents in .rtf format which can be opened in both Mac and PC devices.

5. My appraiser can't see my uploaded documents on SOAR

In most cases, this is because you have not yet submitted your forms for sharing.

To share any files with your appraiser for their review, you need to add them to your draft appraisal forms and then submit them to the appraisal for sharing.  An email confirmation will be sent to the appraiser notifying them of your forms submission.

Please also see Appraisal Forms queries #5.

6. Who can see my uploaded files?

All files submitted to an appraisal can only be accessed by the appraiser and appraisee of that appraisal.

For example, if you have a new appraiser for next year, they will not have access to this year's submitted forms.

Responsible Officers and Appraisal Leads can request access to an appraisal's submitted forms via SOAR and the appraisee will receive an email informing them of this request.  Access can only be granted by the appraisee.

This page was last updated on: 06/01/2023