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Appraisal Forms queries

Appraisal Forms queries

Common queries on Appraisal Forms on SOAR

1. How do I access my online forms?

The online appraisal forms are accessed on SOAR via the menu on the left hand side after you have logged in in the appraisee role. Menu items are labelled "Forms 1-2" and "Form 3". Form 3 is broken up into the 4 Domains, and is where you upload/document your supporting information.

2. I have a lot of paper supporting information, do I have to scan and upload it all?

We appreciate that for those who are not used to online systems, the scanning of supporting information (in particular folders' worth of attendance certificates) might be an issue.

Liaise with your appraiser and make sure they agree first, but you can bring these documents with you on the day of the appraisal meeting.  However, we ask that you detail ALL the documents you are bringing in the appropriate text boxes within the relevant Domains on the forms, so a record of what was brought to the meeting is logged.

There will be some items that are not appropriate for bringing on the day, such as MSF reports, Audits, Reflections etc. Your appraiser will want to see these documents ahead of time so they can review and prepare prior to the appraisal meeting.  We expect the appraisees to make the effort to ensure these documents are made available to the appraiser ahead of time.  If you are not sure what is ok/not ok to bring on the day, seek advice from your appraiser well in advance.

The more notice you give your appraiser, the more time you give yourself to prepare.

3. How do I submit my completed forms?

Once you have completed Appraisal Forms 1-3 and uploaded all your supporting information, there are two things you need to do: 1) Agree to the Confidentiality Statement; and 2) Submit your Appraisal forms (so that they are shared with your appraiser).  Both these tasks are done on the Interview details page.

  1. Click on "My Dashboard" from the menu on the left
  2. From here you should see your appraisal timeline - if you have completed Forms 1-3, there should be red text saying "Submit forms 1-3". Click on this text to go to interview details page
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the details page, where you will see the "Accept" Confidentiality button and the "Submit Appraisal Forms" buttons - just click on both and that's it

When done, a snapshot read-only version of your appraisal forms is created for this interview, and it will appear as tabs along the top of the page. This is what is shared with the appraiser.

The system will email the appraiser automatically so they know to login to SOAR to review what you have submitted.

For more information on submitting forms, please go to the SOAR User guide for Appraisees section

4. How do I add more documents after they have been submitted?

You need to RESUBMIT your appraisal forms, otherwise your appraiser will not be able to review your newly added information.

  1. Make sure you have edited all your appraisal forms (including uploading or removing of documents) as needed
  2. Click on "My Dashboard" from the menu on the left
  3. You should see your current appraisal's timeline function on the dashboard and in it, you should see a red line of text "Changes detected - do you want to resubmit?"
  4. Click on this and you will be redirected to the appraisal's details page
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the "Re-submit Appraisal Forms" button - click on this and that's it

The snapshot read-only version of your appraisal forms will be refreshed and your appraiser will be notified by email also.

For more information on re-submitting forms, please go to the SOAR User guide for Appraisees section

5. I have completed all the appraisal forms, but my appraiser can't see them?

There are three possibilities in this scenario:

  1. You have not submitted the appraisal forms (so they are not yet shared with the appraiser); or
  2. You have added more information to the appraisal and not re-submitted them; or
  3. Your appraiser has not created the interview on SOAR so you cannot submit the appraisal forms.

If you've simply not yet submitted the forms, all you need to do is follow the steps above (in #3) to "accept" the confidentiality statement and "submit" the forms.

If you need to resubmit your forms so the appraiser can see the changes you've made since initial submission, follow previous steps (in #4) and you will see the "Resubmit" button at the bottom of the interview details page.

If you do not have an appraisal meeting set up on SOAR, you need to notify your appraiser so they can login and do so.  The submission and sharing of appraisal forms is centred around the appraisal interview meeting.

Guidance for appraisers on how to create interviews is available in the SOAR User Guides

6. Why does the interview status say "unconfirmed"?

Until the appraisee submits their appraisal forms and accepts the confidentiality, the interview status will remain as "unconfirmed". Once appraisal forms have been submitted and confidentiality accepted, the interview status will change to "In Progress".

7. What is the "Appraisal Period" on the interview page for?

The "Appraisal Period" (April to March) on SOAR is to log WHEN the interview took place rather than WHAT material was discussed.

This is a system requirement so that we can report how many appraisals took place in a given period in particular health boards.

Anecdotally we would expect all appraisals to be discussing materials from past 12 months or since last appraisal.

8. Items from my CPD log are missing in my appraisal submission?

If you have any items on your CPD log that seems to have been excluded in your appraisal submission - check the individual CPD item to make sure the "Submit to next appraisal" tickbox has been checked.  If not, please check this on all CPD items and then resubmit.

This was a common error from items imported from CPD Connect (which we have since fixed).

This page was last updated on: 06/01/2023