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RoT Forms completion on SOAR

RoT Forms completion on SOAR

Those doctors performing any of the four 'named' trainer roles as defined by the GMC will be expected to complete an additional ROT form within SOAR as part of their annual appraisal submission, to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for formal GMC recognition.

All trainer/trainee data (named trainer roles, linked health boards and Educational Organisations etc) are imported into SOAR from Turas - the NES Training Management system; and it is the responsibility of the Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) to maintain the data on Turas.

The Medical Appraisal Scotland team has no editing access to Turas.  If you have been incorrectly flagged as a Trainer or if your named-trainer role(s) is missing, please contact the DME's office and a member of the team will update Turas, and the information will sent to SOAR in automated overnight processes.

Please make sure you do this before you submit your appraisal forms as this will have an impact on the Form 4 setup on SOAR.

Who needs to complete this?

Primary Care (GPs)

You will need to complete the RoT form if you are not an approved GP trainer but have one of the GMC named trainer roles.  Approved GP Trainers and Supervising Clinicians DO NOT complete the RoT form.

Secondary Care

If you are not a trainer and do not plan to be, please leave this section blank.  (Even typing in "I am not a trainer" will trigger automated sections on Form 4.)

If you have been identified from the Turas data import as a named trainer, you will be asked to complete the RoT section on Form 3 and this is mandatory.

If you are not a named trainer but are working towards becoming one, the RoT form is optional for you (but only in Sec Care, not GPs).

If you are listed as a named trainer, but you have since ceased to be a trainer - please contact your DME (Director of Medical Education) as soon as possible.  They will amend the details on Turas and SOAR will be updated thereafter.

"Clinical Supervisors" vs. "Supervising Clinicians"

Those who are "Clinical Supervisors" are considered to be named trainers, and therefore are required to complete the RoT section on your appraisal forms; "Supervising Clinicians" are not, and subsequently do not need to complete the RoT questions.

How do the RoT forms work?


There are four sections to the RoT form:

  • A:  Educational Governance requirements
  • B:  Role-specific requirements
  • C:  Generic Trainer Skills
  • Supporting Information

Section A needs to have all the tickbox selection ticked; or if some of them are not ticked, a summary of why will need to be documented in the text box provided under Supporting Info.

Section B needs to have the tickbox ticked.

Section C needs to have the tickbox ticked.

Supporting Information for appraisal - upload the relevant supporting information in this section, or provide appropriate commentary as to why no supporting information is available (this section cannot be left blank if you have a named-trainer role).

When the completion criteria above is met, you will be able to submit your appraisal forms to share with your appraiser as per normal.


When the RoT form is completed by the appraisee, the RoT section will automatically appear on Form 4 for appraiser to summarise the discussion.

What is Form 7?

To facilitate access to the RoT material within an appraisal, a Form 7 is automatically generated upon completion of Form 4.  Form 7 takes a read-only copy of the RoT information submitted by the appraisee/trainer on Form 3, and a copy of the appraiser comments from Form 4 in respect of RoT.

Form 7 is the only part of the appraisal process that Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) and the Medical Schools / Educational Organisations (EOs) have access to.

Please check out the appraisal forms section for more information.

Will RoT affect my revalidation?

No - your status as a trainer will NOT impact your ability to revalidate.

However, if you fail to revalidate, this will impact your RoT process.


What happens after my appraisal?

Once your appraisal is completed (Form 4 signed off), a ROT-specific Form 7 will be automatically generated by SOAR.

If you have been revalidated prior to this appraisal, the Form 7 will be reviewed by the DME and EO who will make a decision on your continued recognition in the trainer role(s).

RoT is similar to revalidation in that the process takes place in the background and you would only be contacted by your DME and/or EO if additional information is required.

How will I get "recognised"?

The initial recognition process takes place outside of SOAR and is led by DMEs.  Please contact your employing health board's DME for further assistance.

Once recognised, you will be added to Turas and the information will be imported to SOAR via overnight automated processes.  Thereafter you will be asked to complete the RoT form as part of your continued-recognition process.

Do have to have complete the ROT form every year?

Yes.  So long as you have one of the four GMC 'named-trainer' roles, you are expected to complete the ROT self-declaration as part of your annual appraisal.

It will not be reviewed by the DME or EO every year, but will be reviewed as part of the continued-recognition process in due course.

I need further guidance on Trainer Recognition...

For more information, please visit the Scottish Deanery website:

Who has access to my ROT data on SOAR?

Trainer role details:

The appraisee's trainer details is imported to SOAR from Turas.  This includes the Trainer's GMC number, named-trainer role(s), linked health board(s) and Educational Organisation(s).

System and local Health Board Admin teams will see the imported information on the appraisee's profile on SOAR when dealing with any ROT related queries.

Form 7 / Appraisal documents:

As explained above a Form 7 is only generated on completion of appraisal, and it extracts the ROT information ONLY from the appraisal process.

Form 7 is accessible to the appraisee and appraiser of the interview (but it's not a form they "complete" per se).  Most crucially, Form 7 is accessible to the DMEs and EOs for them to review and make the recognition decisions on.

DMEs and EOs have no access to the appraisee's records or appraisal documents.  If it was not submitted in the ROT form, it will not be on Form 7.

This page was last updated on: 07/02/2023