Domain 3:

Communication, Partnership & Teamwork

For Domain 3, both aspects of Core Elements D (Feedback from Colleagues, and Feedback from Patients) are required once in a 5 year cycle (though not necessarily in the same year); and Core Element E (Complaints and Compliments) is required for every appraisal.

Core Element D:  Feedback from Colleagues (required once in each five year cycle)

For this Core Element, you are required to undertake an MSF.  The GMC has not specified a preferred tool for this process, and you are free to select an MSF tool of your choosing.

The Scottish Government approached NES to develop an MSF Questionnaire that would be suitable for all doctors.  The pilot for this project has concluded and the tool has since been made available for use to those working in Scotland.  To use this free MSF tool, simply login to SOAR and click the link for "MSF" in the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please check out the sections on MSF and the NES MSF Questionnaire for more information.

Core Element D:  Feedback from Patients (required once in each five year cycle)

You should contact your appraiser and/or the local admin team to ensure that any Patient Survey you intend to use will be acceptable to your Responsible Officer. Generally Patient Surveys should include feedback from a minimum of 25 patients and your reflections on this. It is important that the questionnaire used provides feedback that allows reflection on your own personal practice.

A popular tool amongst GPs for Patient Feedback is the CARE measure: (link opens in new window)

The CARE measure is entirely doctor-centred, and its content is largely independent of where you work or whether the patient knows you.

Core Element E:  Complaints and Compliments (required every appraisal)

A self declaration on Complaints / Critical Incidents is required, and a separate form for this appears under Domain 4 in the online forms.

For compliments or particular pieces of positive feedback received, please document these in the appropriate text boxes on the form under "Supporting Info".

A Revalidation Requirement

As part of the Revalidation requirement, you must have undertaken both an MSF and a Patient Survey within a 5 year period of your Revalidation year.

Participation in MSF and/or Patient Survey will count as a Quality Improvement Activity.

Already completed an MSF and Patient Survey?

If you have already completed an MSF or Patient Survey, and if you do not intend to do either of these for your annual appraisal, you are encouraged to complete a reflective template to reflect more generally on "Working with Colleagues" and "Patient and Care Involvement".

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