Recognition of Trainers

Information for Appraisers

Information for appraisers

From mid-May 2015, trainers performing four 'named' roles, defined by the GMC, are required to complete an additional set of fields within SOAR to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for formal GMC recognition.

Trainers who are required to complete the recognition documentation will automatically have these fields made available to them and this element will be flagged up as mandatory. Other trainers who are not performing one of the four named roles may wish to go through the recognition process and can opt-in to complete the new elements voluntarily.

Please find below a letter (December 2015) from the Recognition of Trainers stakeholders group to all Appraisers with regards to the RoT processes and appraisal.

December 2015

Dear Appraiser

GMC Recognition of Trainers and Appraisal As you may be aware, implementation of the GMC-led recognition of secondary care trainers is now well underway in preparation for full implementation by July 2016. This applies to those who have one or more of the following roles:

  • named educational supervisor in postgraduate training
  • named clinical supervisor in postgraduate training
  • lead coordinators of undergraduate training at each local education provider
  • doctors responsible for overseeing students’ educational progress for each medical school.

In Scotland it has been agreed that appraisal is the appropriate way for named medical trainers (as an appraisee) to reflect on their trainer role(s), present evidence of competence for the role(s) and declare that they have met the necessary requirements to be recognised as a trainer.

An additional section has been included in Form 3 on SOAR with three sections that cover:

  • Educational Governance
  • Role-specific requirements
  • Generic skill requirements

Full information is available at:

Your role as the appraiser is:

  • NOT to decide if the evidence presented justifies recognition as a trainer. The doctor is required to self declare their readiness or otherwise in terms of recognition as a trainer.
  • to support preparation by the appraisee for trainer recognition.
  • to discuss the evidence the doctor has presented along with their state of readiness in terms of recognition and approval for their role(s).
  • to identify experience, training or education needed and include in the PDP some CPD relating to the trainer role(s).

The appraisee may not yet be ready in the 2015/16 year but should anticipate being ready by 31 July 2016 should they want to continue in their training role.

Under these circumstances the Recognition of Trainer section of the Form 4 should note that sufficient evidence has not been provided for recognition and the PDP should include the steps being taken to achieve readiness. This section can then be updated in the 2016/17 Form 4.

Further information & guidance is available at: or from your Director of Medical Education. You can also contact the SOAR team on

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