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ROT Data Policy

ROT Data Policy

ROT data on SOAR can be split in the below three sections:

  1. Data imported from Turas
  2. Data filled in by Trainers on the ROT form
  3. Form 7

(1) Turas Import

All trainers are initially recognised by DMEs outside of SOAR after they have ran their applications and verifications.  Recognised trainers are added to Turas by DMEs, thereafter they are included in the automated overnight import processes from Turas to SOAR.

Trainer role information is stored and managed on Turas by DMEs (and EOs).

If corrections or updates are needed with regards to Trainer roles (e.g. Start/End dates), the change will need to be made on Turas - which will populate SOAR via overnight processes.

The overnight automated import processes between Turas and SOAR ensures the data source only comes from Turas, reducing the possibility of data duplication or mismatch.

(2) RoT Form completion

On SOAR, those identified as someone with trainer roles via the Turas import will be asked to complete the RoT form as part of their appraisal submission.

The trainer is required to complete the RoT form for every appraisal, irrespective whether or not they are due for re-recognition.  RoT will be discussed with the appraiser as part of the appraisee's whole-practice appraisal.

After the appraisal, the appraiser will draft a summary of the appraisal discussions on Form 4 - which is used as proof of appraisal.  On Form 4, there is a separate section for the appraiser to summarise the RoT discussions.

The submitted appraisal forms (inc the RoT form) is strictly confidential between appraiser and appraisee.

The Form 4 Summary is confidential between appraiser and appraisee, and the Appraisal Lead and the Responsible Officer.

For the purposes of RoT, a "Form 7" is automatically created for DMEs and EOs to access.

(3) Form 7

Form 7 is auto-generated and is not for appraisee/er to complete.  It is a read-only form and is split into 3 sections:

A - RoT Form from appraisal submission (as completed by the trainer/appraisee)
B - RoT comments ONLY from Form 4 (as completed by the appraiser)
C - Re-Recognition section

Form 7 is accessible to DMEs and EOs so that they can review the RoT data (from A and B) and, if the trainer is due for re-recognition, make the recognition decisions in C.

DMEs and EOs have NO OTHER ACCESS to the trainers' appraisal documents - only Form 7.

If required, DMEs and EOs can request further information from the trainer via the Form 7.  In which case the trainer would upload directly onto Form 7, and only the DME and EO (and appraisee themselves) could access the uploaded documents.

If the trainer is due for re-recognition, then the Form 7 will be reviewed by the DME first; who makes a recommendation in support (or otherwise) of RoT.  The EO then approves (or otherwise) the DME recommendation.

Once approved - the trainer is considered re-recognised.

The re-recognition process will begin after the trainer's next revalidation.

This page was last updated on: 12/01/2022