2014 Annual Report

Please find below the interactive PDF of our annual report for download and review.


Text-only Microsoft Word version also available below.

Annual Report 2014 | File Size: 2629.93 KB | Date Updated: 13/08/2014

Please note this Annual Report is an interactive electronic PDF file, and has been designed for on-screen viewing rather than printing.

Annual Report 2014 (TEXT ONLY) | File Size: 243.73 KB | Date Updated: 13/08/2014

TEXT ONLY, MS Word version of 2014 annual report

Annual Report 2014 - Appendix A for TEXT ONLY version | File Size: 13.6 KB | Date Updated: 13/08/2014

Appraiser / Appraisees count by Health Board

Annual Report 2014 - Appendix B for TEXT ONLY version | File Size: 13.12 KB | Date Updated: 13/08/2014

Appraisal count from SOAR, by Health Board

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