Technical Queries

A collection of Frequently Asked Questions on general IT (Information Technology) queries

Ever since the launch of SOAR, we have been helping users with a large variety of technical / IT queries, and the issues are not always associated with the system or website, but more about the users' understanding of their local setup, equipment, or some IT tricks that would benefit them in other areas of every day IT use.

Below is a collection of queries that you may find of help.

How to copy and paste

The functions of "copy" and "paste" allow users to copy large amounts of text from one document to another.

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File Formats & Extensions

A File Format determines how the file is stored and treated on the computer. This is displayed by a File Extension.

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Handy keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to access quickly some software functions without the need to click on buttons or look for items in menus.

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Scanning Documents

A general guide on how to scan paper documents into electronic format for your appraisal.

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Sharing files from OneDrive

Workaround method on how to share documents you might have stored on external online storage providers (e.g. OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox ...

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Set up New Emails

SOAR require users to use their own email address. If you share an email with a colleague (e.g. spouse) you'll need to set up your own email...

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Using an iPad

A short collection of FAQs relating to using an iPad to access SOAR.

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