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How to copy and paste

How to copy and paste

What is Copy and Paste?

The functions of "copy" and "paste" allow users to copy large amounts of text from one document to another.

The same functions can also be used to copy / paste files from your computer desktop or images from a document, and so on.

The functions are commonly activated by keyboard shortcuts:

Control C = Copy
Control V = Paste

Highlight the text first, and then use the keyboard shortcuts above (see picture at bottom of page) to copy and paste as appropriate.

Why would I use this on SOAR?

Sometimes, when you right-click your mouse button, a pop up menu will show you the option to copy and paste.  For some web browsers, this function works fine; for some, it doesn't.

The only function that defintely works is the keyboard shortcut of Control C and Control V.

Does this work on a Mac too?

For Apple Mac users, use the Apple Command key instead of Control.

Extra reading

If you are interested in the background, Wikipedia has a detailed page on this subject:,_copy,_and_paste (link opens in new window)

Please also see section on Keyboard Shortcuts.

This page was last updated on: 11/05/2021