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New Appraiser: PowerPoint modules and Workbook

All participants are asked to complete the below PowerPoint modules prior to attending the NES-run New Appraiser training course; the large and small group discussions on the training will be based on these modules, which includes audio and animations.

To cater for different styles of learning an alternative text only, no audio/animation versions have also been included for downloading, with transcription of the audio embedded within the Notes section of the PowerPoint (links to both files are within each page).

As part of the pre-course work, you are expected to complete the PDP template provided ahead of the training to share with fellow course participants for the purposes of the mini appraisal sessions.

Additionally, a workbook has been provided for you as an aide-mémoire in your learning journey.

Feedback from past participants have suggested it takes at least 30 minutes to work through each module (circa 3.5 to 4 hrs in total).  Please pace yourself accordingly.