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Role of the Appraisal Lead

Role of the Appraisal Lead

Appraisal Leads are tasked with ensuring that all doctors working in their health boards have an annual appraisal, aided by the Primary and Secondary Care Administrative teams respectively.

Their responsibilities also include:

  • Organising/approving the selection of prospective appraisers to attend the NES Appraiser training courses;
  • Allocating the appraiser to an appraisee, aided by the local admin teams;
  • Ensuring all appraisers in the health board are up-to-date and are able to share best practice via regular peer meetings;
  • Monitor the quality of appraisal in the board in conjunction with their local Appraisal Steering Group.

A system should be developed to monitor the quality of appraisal by reviewing a sample of Appraisal Form 4s, and the appraisee and appraiser Feedback forms (6A and B).

Unsatisfactory appraiser performance will be addressed by the Appraisal Leads.  This may involve further training for the appraiser.

This page was last updated on: 21/11/2022