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The OOH Doctor's Logbook

The OOH Doctor's Logbook

A key feature of an employed OOH GP's continuing education

A number of the suggestions in this document rely on the doctor keeping a logbook. Many sessional doctors already do this. For those who were unaware of it, this is not a new recommendation, and it has been agreed with BMA representatives as one of the ways in which independent practitioners can be professionally accountable.

The process need not be arduous, and the content is intended to be entirely at your discretion. The main aim is to allow you to keep records for your own development and to support your practice. Examples of items which might be included are:

  • A list of dates and locations in which you have worked
  • Courses attended or other formal learning activities undertaken: you may want to record learning credits
  • Any praise or complaints received
  • Personal work e.g. any audit of your clinical practice or work with a group of OOH doctors
  • Action points arising from your work - for example following up a problem you encountered
  • An evolving list of useful resources for your work - e.g. contact points
  • Professional indemnity and GMC registration details
  • A list of ¬†practical points and procedures at different OOH treatment centres that you visit regularly

This list is not exhaustive, and it is intended only as an example of information which most OOH doctors will already hold, but may not have compiled as a single resource.

The relevance to appraisal

You can use your log book as the source of information for many of the questions in the appraisal forms 1,2 and 3. For example:

  • "The Job You Do" section can reflect the list of posts, past and present
  • Supporting information can be collected by using your logbook to record specific items of information
  • The section on compliments and complaints will derive directly from the log
  • You may wish to keep evidence of achievements in the log book
  • You can use the log book to note unresolved problems and learning needs as part of preparing your PDP
  • You can use the log book to note any concerns you want to raise with your appraiser at a later date

This page was last updated on: 21/03/2022