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Clinical (Development) Fellows

Clinical (Development) Fellows

1. Do I need to be appraised?

Clinical Development Fellows (CDFs) are considered out of training programme and will therefore need to follow guidance as set out by the employing health board.

Appraisal arrangements for fellows differ from board to board - some use SOAR, others use MS Word templates.  In the first instance please liaise with your employing health board's appraisal admin team to verify local protocols.

If an appraisal is required the local team can also assist you with your SOAR login.

2. I seem to have two logins to SOAR?

If you have two logins for SOAR, it is likely that one will be for your trainee SOAR account (used when you are in training programme) and the other for medical appraisal (used when you are out of training programme).

Trainee and appraisal accounts on SOAR are not linked and cannot be merged, hence why you will require separate logins for the different access.

This page was last updated on: 06/01/2023