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Health / Probity / Complaints & Compliments

Health / Probity / Complaints & Compliments

Annually all doctors are asked to complete the self-declaration statements on SOAR to help facilitate the appraisal discussions on issues related to health, probity and complaints & compliments under the GMC's Good Medical Practice Domain 4 headings.  Below are some of the more common questions raised by doctors.

1. Health: Do I have to declare maternity leave?

In the Health Statement, you are asked "Since your last appraisal, have you had any illness or physical condition which results - or has resulted in - your restricting or changing your professional activities?"

You can if you wished but typically you do not need to declare maternity leave in the health statement.

(Depending on how long you were on maternity leave, this is usually handled by completion of Form 5A by the health board - exemption from appraisal.)

2. Probity: What is meant by conflicts of interest?

In the probity statement doctors are asked to confirm that "I have complied with the conflict of interest mechanisms of the Boards within which I work".

This declaration simply means you have complied with the conflict of interest policies/guidance in the Health Board you worked in (e.g. I have not used Health Board funds inappropriately / I have not referred patients inappropriately to the private sector, etc).

3. Probity: Is a speeding ticket considered a criminal offence?

For the purposes of appraisal and revalidation, you do not have to declare speeding tickets. But if you had to appear in court because of this, contact your appraiser and discuss the severity of this and if applicable, note it accordingly on your declarations.

This page was last updated on: 06/01/2023