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SOAR Updates and Deployment Highlights: 2020 - March 9th

SOAR Updates and Deployment Highlights: 2020 - March 9th

The following amendments were deployed:

[1] Change in Helpdesk provider

A new helpdesk provider is now used for SOAR.  The new widget on screen is a green "Helpdesk" function on the right hand side.

From a user's point of view there should be no change in how you contact the helpdesk; either from the Helpdesk widget on SOAR as desribed or via email to

We will run both old and new systems until 25 March (when the old "Zendesk" provider agreement will cease) to ensure we don't miss tickets that were accidentally reopened.  To avoid this (usually happens when replying to an old helpdesk ticket) please ensure you email to (check the email address to make sure it doesn't have "zendesk" in it anywhere).

[2] Ceasing support for older browsers

In order to improve the security of SOAR we will be disabling access to SOAR from older unsupported web browsers. This is in line with the current NHSScotland National ICT Infrastructure Standard which defines the supported browsers: (as per table on page 5)

What this means is that users will no longer be able to access SOAR from older unsupported web browsers that do not implement the latest encryption protocol "TLS 1.2" (e.g. Internet Explorer 7). Other older browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 8-10) may not have this enabled by default and it may be possible to enable this by your health board's IT colleagues. But going forward we will only be supporting the browsers listed in the Infrastructure Standard on page 5 (under Web Browsers).

For most NHS office computers this is probably not an issue; but there will be some users still using the older browsers in older computers that have not been updated for whatever reason.

If you are unable to access SOAR, please contact your local IT for further assistance (they have all been previously informed of our planned change).

[3]  Disabled Trainee Login Requests

Trainees are now asked to contact their respective deanery team directly for help logging in to SOAR:

[4] Various minor fixes to SOAR functions:

  • ROT Trainer Search page for DMEs and EOs - Year 4 and 5 radio button now selects correct dates when selected
  • ROT Trainer Log page - now updates the ROT Log correctly (previously was missing the DME recommendations)
  • CPD Collective Reflection - now correctly displays the content upon switching/toggling the appraisal history in the CPD Log


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