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Trainee Declarations changes: 2020 - April 30th

Trainee Declarations changes: 2020 - April 30th

(The interim change will be reverted back after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.)


To facilitate the interim Trainee Declarations process during the COVID-19 crisis, the below changes have been made on SOAR:

  • Educational Supervisors (and/or F/TPDs) are no longer required to sign off their Trainees' self-declarations on SOAR
  • Trainees are still required to login to SOAR to complete their anual self-declarations as part of their ARCP
  • On submission, the declarations will be set to "Completed" status and reviewed at ARCP

This interim process will revert back post-COVID.

In the meantime, if a Trainee logs in to SOAR and finds that no declarations for 2020 has been created; or any of the details incorrect, please liaise directly with the deanery specialty team in the first insance:

(The deanery teams update a system called TurasTPM, which is where all Trainee and Trainer information on SOAR is imported from.  All incorrect data must be updated on TurasTPM to ensure a single centeral datasource.)

This page was last updated on: 28/04/2021