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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - November 11th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - November 11th

The following amendments were deployed:

## Appraiser "sub type" (for Health Board Admins)

We have added a new function to allow Admins to tag individual Appraisers with any of the following labels:

  • Co-Appraiser (Uni)
  • Clinical Fellow Appraiser
  • Dental Appraiser
  • Public Health Appraiser

This can be filtered in through to the various search pages on SOAR (User Search, Appraisees, Appraisers, Interviews).  This is designed to help local admin quickly identify and search for these specific groups of Appraisers.

## Form 4 PDF export fix

Previously there was an error where if an interview was manually marked as completed, it is incorrectly flagged as "issues" on the Form 4 PDF.  This has now been resolved.

## Check on incomplete appraisals when removing Appraiser role (for Health Board Admins)

When admins remove an Appraisee from SOAR, the system will check if the Appraisee had any incomplete appraisals and flag it for attention prior to removal.

A similar function has now been implemented to the removal of Appraiser roles on SOAR.

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