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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - May 30th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - May 30th

The following amendments were deployed:

## GMC Deferral Categories (for Health Board Admins and Responsible Officers)

Following the GMC's introduction of the new Deferral categories, SOAR has implemented mirror functions so that when the RO is sending a defer recommendation to the GMC due to "Insufficient Evidence", they must now also select one or more of the below sub-reasons:

  • Appraisal activity
  • Colleague feedback
  • Compliments and Complaints
  • CPD
  • Interruption to practice
  • Patient feedback
  • QIA
  • Significant events

## Auto-Removal of EdSup roles (for Deanery Admin teams)

After the import from Turas completes, SOAR will now remove the EdSup role from users who no longer have trainees assigned or outstanding declarations.

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