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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - March 5th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - March 5th

The following amendments were deployed:

## Batch Appraisal Co-ordinator Assignment (for Health Board Admins)

We have updated the batch op functions to make it easier for admins to select one Appraisal Co-ordinator and swap with another via simple dropdown menus (previously it was a long laborious task).

## Local Admins can now create Form 5A (for Health Board Admins)

Previously this function was only available for Appraisers.

## ROT Form 7: "Add Comments Only" function tweak (for DMEs and EOs)

DMEs and EOs can now enter the comment in the comments box displayed on the screen before pressing the "add comment only" button (previously this was only available as a pop-up).

## Misc glitches fixes

  • Single Sign On (SSO) issues resulting in a small number of users unable to reset their SSO link from SOAR to Turas has now been resolved
  • Appraisees were unable to edit newly created PDP items - resolved
  • User Search page now returning correct totals count


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