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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - January 14th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - January 14th

We have deployed the following changes/fixes to SOAR.

## User Roles page (for Health Board Admin teams):

  • Designated Body now correctly resets when the "Appraisee" role has been added or removed
  • Appraisees now automatically set to "unassigned" if the assigned Appraiser is no longer an Appraiser on SOAR

## Spell Check:

Following user feedback and extensive testing, we discovered the spellchecker was causing a lot of the performance issues for users.  The following changes were implemented:

  • Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT) is now disabled by default
  • User has a setting (available in settings page) to turn it on/off
  • Any page with a Rich Text Editor (RTE) has a button added to turn SCAYT on/off (changing this changes the user's setting above)

SCAYT does not work with older browsers so it is defaulted to OFF and the above button is not displayed. Older browsers suffer the worst from performance issues so this will help.

## Session Claim forms (for Sessional Locum GPs):

  • New validation has been added to avoid errors when entering details
  • Error message for users (e.g. if user tries to enter account number with more than 10 digits they will get the message "Account number limited to 10 Characters MAX")

## Turas Single Sign On (SSO):

  • "Turas Link" tab now available to trainee users as well
  • This allows them to disassociate their SOAR account from Turas

Trainee and Appraisal accounts on SOAR are not linked, therefore will require different logins.  This new development will allow Trainees to disassociate the Trainee account from Turas (post-CCT), and reset the SSO with the Appraisal login.

## Document Upload (for Appraisees):

3 errors were reported

  • If filename contains a comma it won't download
  • If filename contains an "em dash" (basically a long dash) it won't upload
  • User uploads a document and then cannot delete it without reloading the page. 

Fix have been deployed so that any documents with a comma will be removed on upload; em dashes are replaced with normal dashes on upload; and the remove button now works as expected.

This page was last updated on: 28/04/2021