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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - February 4th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2019 - February 4th

The following amendments were deployed:

## User Search page (for Health Board Admins)

User search page "Total records" now counts correctly.

## CPD/PDP linkage

There was a coding error behind-the-scenes, this has now been fixed so that "Ongoing" CPD items linked to PDP items will be updated to "Completed" if PDP item is marked as "Achieved".

## New Functionality on PDP:

Previously PDP items were marked as Achieved or not Achieved.  Now, users have the options of "Completed", "Progressing" or "Not Continuing".

"Completed" and "Not Continuing" behave the same way: when Form 4 is signed off they are not copied to the "PDP Year Ahead" section.  "Progressing" PDP items will be copied across.

PDF export function also updated to reflect this change.

## Health Statement:

If the users answer "No" to the Immunisation question, a comments box now appears and they are asked to provide more details.

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