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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - September 5th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - September 5th

Various admin functions refinement.


We have deployed the following changes to SOAR.

Admin function changes (for Local Admins)

## Removing Ex-Appraisers from Appraiser Assignment emails

Recently there's been errors where old (retired) Appraisers were cc'ed into Appraiser assignment emails.  We have tweaked the function so that you can select to include/exclude old Appraisers from the notification you send.

## Label changes on Appraisal History and Revalidation pages

If Forms 5A or 5B was used, or if the appraisal was "Manually Completed", it will now show the corresponding labels in the "Appraisal History" and "Revalidation" pages.

## Notification of outstanding appraisals when removing users

Previous, we deployed a change where you are asked to provide a reason for why you are removing someone's Appraisee role.  We have added to this function so that a "Warning" notice comes up as part of this popup, informing you that the Appraisee you are trying to remove has outstanding appraisals to complete.

A link to this Appraisee's appraisal history will be provided, allowing you to check, chase up and action as required.

## User Search filters

In addition to the above, we have added a new search filter in the User Search page so you can look for those who are no longer active on SOAR, and the reason for their Appraisee role removal (e.g. retired, left Scotland etc)

## Interview search filters

In the Interview pages, we have added "Forwarded" as an option in the search filters.  So now you can search and see which Appraisees have had their Form 4, Form 5A or Form 5B forwarded and not yet approved/rejected.

Updated features on Interview pages (for Appraisees)

## Updated Resubmit message

Until the Form 4 is signed off, the Appraisee can still resubmit their forms to make any changes as needed.

We have tidied up the message/status for Appraisees on the interview page, so that they are informed of the current status regarding resubmission:

  • Can't resubmit anymore as Form 4 has been signed off (for signed off appraisals);
  • Can't resubmit anymore as Form 4 was signed off once before (for those appraisals where Form 4 was unlocked);
  • You can't resubmit as Form 4 has been forwarded, but if required, reject the Form 4 and then resubmit as needed (for forwarded Form 4's)

## "Additional Documents" changes

When "Additional Documents" is enabled (after Form 4 is unlocked), the page will now include a free text box for Appraisees to any any other additional comments to go with the additional documents upload.

We also amended the submitted Forms 1-3 PDF snapshot so that if "Additional Documents" section is enabled, a new page is inserted at the end to include the uploaded documents and comments.

Trainee function fixes (For Trainee Admins)

Previously there was an issue with this function where it wouldn't create the declarations for anyone selected outside the first page. (e.g. if you selected trainees from page 1 and 2, only those on page 1 got created).

This has now been fixed.

Misc updates

Some minor changes were made to improve the UI on SOAR:

  • "New Interview" button is now aligned so it is the same in both Primary and Secondary Care pages
  • Mouseover text for Forms 4, 5A, 5B and 5C buttons on Interview details page
  • Re-position of the "Resolve" button on Trainee declarations page for Ed Sups / TPDs.

This page was last updated on: 28/04/2021