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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - May 24th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - May 24th

News Alert function changes; data policy and terms of service re-wording to reflect GDPR.

SOAR underwent a significant change project in 2014, one of the features introduced was a "News Alert" function - following user feedback that we did not have a function to let users know of any potential system downtime for maintenance or deployment etc.

Use of this function extended (as the situation arose) to notifying Appraisers and/or Appraisees of significant changes to Appraisal and Revalidation. We have also used it to alert Appraisers to our annual conference and to book their place etc.

However, we also extended the function so that Local health board admin teams can send messages out to their doctors to flag any significant local issues.

We have been working on our data policies to ensure compliance with GDPR (to be rolled out on May 25). GDPR doesn't impact SOAR as much as other commercial systems as we do not share any user data with external parties; but we did need to review our communications setup - hence the News Alerts changes.

The following changes were made:

  • Re-worded (slightly) data policies to reflect GDPR compliance
  • Introduced Categories in the News Alert function for users to opt-in
  • Restricted News Alert functions so only System and Local Admins can send alerts
  • Local Admins can only send "Local Health Board Updates"
  • SysAdmins must associate a category with each alert so that only those opted-in will receive them
  • A News Alert widget on the users' dashboard so they can see what Alerts they have opted in/out

We strongly recommend that you opt-in to "Local Health Board Update" messages so that you are notified when your Health Board Admins circulates any important messages.

If you are an Appraiser, please consider opting in to the NES-run events so that you are kept informed on the Annual Medical Appraisers conference.

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