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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - February 20th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - February 20th

Fixes deployed:

1) MSF connection issue

It was reported that a number of users had trouble connecting to the WASP website to download their new/repeat MSF reports.  A catch-all solution was built and tested successfully.

2) File upload issue for those using Internet Explorer

It was reported that those using Internet Explorer had various issues when uploading documents to SOAR.  The root cause of this was that IE captured the filepath as the filename, and because SOAR only allows for filenames of less than 100 characters, it stopped a number of the uploads.  A fix for this was developed and tested successfully.

3)  Fixed broken links to Scottish Trainer Framework (STF) website

Broken links were reported following changes to STF website.  Linkage from the ROT form on SOAR has now been corrected to reflect this.

The new URL for the STF website is:

4) Approving/Rejecting Form 4 issues when navigating from timeline

It was reported that some users were unable to approve or reject their Form 4 if they navigated from the timeline feature on the SOAR dashboard.  This has now been resolved.

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