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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - August 8th

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - August 8th

Various Admin functions enhancements


We have deployed the following changes to SOAR.

Admin function changes (for Local Admins)

## Reports page overhaul

We have archived the previous reports on SOAR, most of which were no longer giving accurate numbers due to changes to SOAR's infrastructure.  A new set of reports have been made available and each will have a report reference number.

Please review and let us know if there are any reports you think are missing.

We've retained access to the old archived reports for your reference.  We will look to remove this completely in due course.

## Amendments on Appraisers page

The "Appraisers" page has been amended so that you can see how many in-progress appraisals each Appraiser has going.  We have also corrected the previously broken link associated with this.

## Roles Audit / Reason for removing "Appraisee" Role

To help with wider QA processes, we have implemented two new functions.

When you remove any user role on SOAR, this is now logged automatically in a new tab called "Audit".  It will log what the role removed was, when it was created (if it was created after 8th August 2018), and by whom.

Additionally, when removing an Appraisee role, SOAR will now ask you to select a reason for why the Appraisee role was removed (e.g. Left Scotland, Retirement etc).  If you select "Other", you will be asked to enter a message on what the other reason was for removing the Appraisee role.

This gets logged on the new "Audit" tab; but it also adds an entry to the "Admin Notes" section (which cannot be edited).

We have also made it so you no longer have to click "Save" on the "Roles" tab/page every time you make a change, it will save auomatically now.

## Admins able to add DMEs on SOAR

For the purposes of Recognition of Trainer, Local Admins are now able to add anyone in their health board as Director of Medical Edication (DME).  Simply add the user role as you normally would for others in your area.

Other changes

## ROT tweaks

We have made a few minor changes to the ROT functions, most notably the change to correctly display those who are deemed as "Not Yet" by SOAR.

Anyone in the "Not Yet" category means they are due for recognition this fiscal period (April to March) but not yet appraised.

Any queries around this or other aspects of ROT, please contact the helpdesk.

## Appraisee access for Primary and Secondary Care Form 4

Previously there was a restriction on SOAR that stopped those Appraisees who have had Primary and Secondary Care appraisals from accessing their own Form 4's, depending on which sector they were logged into.

This has now been fixed and the Appraisee is able to access and PDF their own Form 4's, regardless of what role they are logged in to on SOAR.

## Notifications / Settings widget

This dashboard widget has been amended to include the status for Autosave.

## Misc fixes


  • Formatting display of CPD Credit counts in SOAR's CPD Log (now correctly displays in 0.00 format)
  • Fixed display of Trainee Turas import date (previously it was not updating the date field, even though the trainee record was updated)
  • Display of PDP Review in submitted forms for first time appraisals (previously it was not being displayed correctly)

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