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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2017

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2017

There were little new functional development on SOAR in 2017.  Most efforts were focussed on fixing or enhancing misc functions as reported by users. This allowed users time to reflect on usage of SOAR for appraisal and allow processes to bed in without introducing too many changes.  We were able to do this as SOAR has settled into a mature and stable system used by all doctors working in NHS Scotland.

Fixes deployed included a number of minor fixes to various Admin functions; Form 4 autosave fix; glitches with removing documents; and relevant text updates to Recognition of Trainer forms on SOAR.

We did experience some unexpected glitches during the deployments (circa May/June) due to unexpected technical issues with new hosting setup (following web hosting company's internal setup changes in April).  However, all were resolved and subsequent deployment of fixes were successful.

There has also been a change in direction on the development front as the NES inhouse team underwent training so that we can build our capacity to tackle fixes ourselves.  As our experience and capacity grows, we will be able to respond to user requests and feedback quicker than before.

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