Multi-Source Feedback


Colleague Feedback (MSF)

The GMC (link opens in new window) have agreed that one type of information required of all doctors for the purposes of their revalidation is feedback from colleagues. This is also referred to as Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) or 360 degree feedback. All doctors are expected to seek such feedback from colleagues at least once in every 5 year revalidation cycle.

The feedback should be used formatively:

  • as a reflective learning and development tool to identify strengths and areas for possible development and improvement in a doctor's practice, to inform their continuing professional development
  • as one of several pieces of supporting information, that when considered together, will inform the decision as to whether a doctor should be recommended for revalidation by their responsible officer

Doctors selected for revalidation are required by the GMC to have undertaken Colleague Feedback (and Patient Feedback) and to provide details of these activities at their annual appraisal.

A variety of Colleague Feedback (MSF) tools are available. The GMC have provided a questionnaire (link opens in new window) and a number of Medical Royal Colleges and commercial providers offer questionnaires for this purpose.

In September 2011 the Scottish Government Health Department commissioned NES to develop a Colleague Questionnaire that would be suitable for all GPs and Career Grade doctors in Scotland. This questionnaire is available as a web resource and is free to use for doctors registered with SOAR.

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