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SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - November 2nd

SOAR Deployment Highlights: 2018 - November 2nd

Various ROT amendments.


We have deployed the following changes to SOAR.

Recognition of Trainer changes (for DMEs and EOs)

To support DMEs and EOs with the re-recognition process on SOAR, a number of changes were made.  They are as follows:

## New Trainers no longer need their first Form 7 reviewed
## Form 7s only flagged for review in Revalidation/Re-Recognition year

Previously, all new Trainers added to Turas and imported to SOAR were required to have their first Form 7 reviewed and processed by DMEs and EOs.

As the initial ROT process will now take place outside of IT systems, and therefore all Trainers will have been "recognised" prior to being added to Turas, we have removed this rule on SOAR.

So now, the Form 7s are only flagged for review in the fiscal year that the Trainer is due for Revalidation/Re-Recognition.

## Introduction of "Year 4" and "Year 5" search filters

To assist with the Re-Recognition process, new search filters have been created so that DMEs and EO can search for and review "Year 4" trainers' Form 7s.

"Year 4" Trainers are those whose Revalidation Due Date falls in the NEXT fiscal period; and "Year 5" Trainers are those who are due for Revalidation/Re-Recognition in the CURRENT fiscal year.

A shortcut to the "Year 4" filter is also available on the DMEs' dashboard.

## Changes to "Not Yet" status

Previously there was confusion over the "Not Yet" status on SOAR.  This has now been cleaned up.  For Trainers who are flagged as "Not Yet", they are "Not Yet Appraised But Due For Re-Recognition".

The ROT Re-Recognition process works on SOAR by assigning Trainers with different ROT Statuses.  For more information, please check out the ROT page.

## New Import Fail Widgets

A number of Trainers will fail to import to SOAR from Turas, either because of a mismatch of GMC number, or Trainers' health boards do not match etc.

A new widget has been created on the dashboard for DMEs and EOs, so they can check which of their linked Trainers have failed to import to SOAR and follow-up accordingly.

## "Not Recognised" Widget

In addition to the above, we have added a "Not Recognised" widget, which highlights how many Trainers in the DMEs and EOs' list have been given a "Not Recognised" status, and therefore needing to be removed on Turas (so that the information is then updated on SOAR.

## Removed Ready/Not Ready/Partial Ready quick links on dashboard

These quick links have been removed from the dashboard to clean up the interface for DMEs and EOs.

Access for former SOAR Appraisees (for Appraisees)

Previously it was not possible for former SOAR Appraisee users to access the system to retrieve their old documents without manually granting some sort of temp access.

We enabled access for archived users, as well as those without user roles.  So long as the user was previously on SOAR as an Appraisee, they will be able to login and download their appriasal documents with their existing credentials.

They cannot however, carry out an appraisal on SOAR - only to retrieve old documents.

Trainee function fix (For Trainee Admins)

There has been a longstanding issue for Trainee records on SOAR, in that there was no easy way to identify "Active" (current) Trainees, and ex-Trainees continue to come up in various user search pages.

We have made it now so that any Trainee whose CCT date has expired will automatically be given a "deleted" flag.  They are not deleted from SOAR, their accounts can still be searched, just not in the list of "active" Trainees who are still to CCT.

All Trainee search pages have been amended so that it only bringhs up "Active" Trainees by default (change the status filter to search for past Trainees).

We hope this function will help Admins and TPDs when reviewing their respective lists of Trainees.

Misc updates

Some minor changes were made to improve the UI on SOAR:

  • Corrected a delete error on Form 3 Domain 4 where uploaded documents were not being deleted properly.
  • Refinements to "logged in" timer so that it is more in line with modern IT security setups.
  • Fixed issue for Appraisee timeline function where it failed to detect CPD log changes after initial submission.

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