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GMC guidance on Supporting Info for revalidation

GMC guidance on Supporting Info for revalidation

This GMC updated guidance for Supporting Information for revalidation was published on 17 November 2020.

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached below a copy of the latest GMC guidance on Supporting Information for revalidation.

This was circulated to ROs in Scotland, along with the below comments:

We haven't changed our requirements for revalidation, but we’ve introduced flexibility in how doctors gather feedback from their patients, which we know has been particularly difficult for some this year. Now that appraisals have restarted, for the most part, across the UK, the updates also complement the rebalanced approach to the process introduced in response to the pandemic.

We know many doctors have struggled to engage in appraisal this year and that the coming months will continue to be challenging for the profession and the wider health system. Given the uncertain period ahead, our approach to revalidation remains flexible. We’ve recently rescheduled the revalidation submission dates for more doctors. And we’ve made it clear that if doctors aren’t ready to revalidate, deferring their revalidation date has no impact on their licence or ability to practise. However, we’ve decided to make our updated guidance available now, so that doctors have the information they need, when they are ready to prepare.

About the updated guidance:

We've emphasised how appraisal should enable and support reflection, allow doctors to focus on their wellbeing and help them identify any areas of development to benefit their practice and their patients.

We’ve also:

  • made it clearer what is mandatory for revalidation; stressing the importance of quality over quantity in appraisal discussions
  • drawn on the findings from our patient feedback consultation to allow doctors to collect feedback using tools and methods that work for them, their patients and the settings they practice in. We no longer ask them to use a structured questionnaire, if they don’t find it useful. Given the increase in remote consultations, this will help doctors who have found it difficult to collect feedback this year. We’re grateful to all those who shared their views in our consultation
  • reinforced the role that clinical leaders have in creating environments that support doctors to prepare and participate in appraisal and revalidation.

In 2021 we’ll continue to work with employers and responsible officers to embed the guidance and support doctors with their revalidation.

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