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2022 Scottish Medical Appraisers conference recordings

2022 Scottish Medical Appraisers conference recordings

The 2022 Scottish Medical Appraisers conference was held remotely this year on 28/04/2022 via virtual conferencing platforms.  As such, each of the sessions were recorded and we have collated all associated references and resource materials within each recording's pages:

This offers those unable to attend on the day an opportunity to catch up on the webinars. Those who experienced technical issues on the day can catch up on any sessions they may have missed.

Please note also that our recordings are slightly different to the ones shared by the conference team - the ones on our website have been edited to include images of the interactive polls and word clouds where they were used (workshops 1, 3 and 4).

This message was shared via the News Alert function on SOAR to all appraisers.  To be included in this for future alerts, please login to SOAR and opt in to "NES-run events" option.

Thank you

My personal thanks to all those who attended and for your positive feedback and engagement on the day.  This is the second year we have ran this conference remotely and feedback this year has been very positive, with many of you commenting on the improvements from last year.  Thank you.

William Liu
Training Manager (Medical Appraisal)

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2022 Conference recordings

Posted: 27/05/2022