Domain 2:

Safety and Quality

Core Elements B (Quality Improvement Activities) and C (Review of Significant Events) are required for every appraisal.

Core Element B:  Quality Improvement Activity (required every appraisal)

You are asked to provide details of a Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) each year, unless it is a year in which you undertook multi-source feedback or a patient survey.

Examples of this include:

  • Clinical Audit
  • Review of prescribing
  • Review of referrals and their outcomes
  • Case Review or Discussion
  • Audit and Monitoring of a teaching programme
  • Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of a guideline

Core Element C:  Review of Significant Events (required every appraisal)

You are asked to provide one Significant Event Analysis (SEA) report annually.

The SEA process is a method of reflective learning which can be used to analyse incidents where there has been an unsatisfactory outcome, where patients experience unintentional harm - or could have - as part of the care process. The SEA process can also be used to analyse examples of high quality care.

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