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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan

The video below was recorded for the purposes of facilitating learners discussions at the Medical Appraisal Scotland appraiser training courses.

After you have reviewed the video, consider the following:

  • Is the video a "High-Quality" appraisal?
    • If yes – what did the appraiser do that you thought was good?
    • If no – why not?
  • If you were the appraiser, how would you have facilitated that discussion?
  • What feedback would you give the appraiser?
  • What questions, if any, would you like to ask the tutors on training day?

Use the training course workbook to log your reflections(or you can use the standalone reflective template below instead).

This simulated interview is not intended to be the "perfect appraisal": it should be seen as examples of appraisal techniques and is designed as a talking point for training course discussions.  The discussions are based on the roleplaying appraiser/appraisee's own experience.  Any similarities with others' experience is entirely coincidental.

We suggest that, if you have time, you should review the other training videos.

We hope you find the video useful. Feedback is welcomed.


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