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About the videos

About the videos


All recorded videos are simulations: it is briefer than a normal medical appraisal discussion and it has been designed to provide talking points for those attending our appraiser training programmes.  They are not intended to be examples of "perfect appraisals".

The appraisees and the appraisers you see on the clips are roleplaying. The material portrayed does not relate to any actual appraisal interviews but is based on the roleplayers' experience of appraisal gained over a number of years. Any similarity with others' experience is entirely coincidental.

The video is deliberately produced in short sections, each covering a specific aspect of the medical appraisal discussions. Each section was produced to stand alone for training purposes.

Using the Video

The videos are not intended to demonstrate "perfect appraisals" and all are recorded for training purposes.

For those reviewing the videos as part of the training course materials, please review the videos and reflect on them using the template and the workbook provided.  A stand alone reflective template is offered at the bottom of each video.

We hope you find the video useful. Feedback is welcome.

Difficulty in viewing the videos at work?

All videos embedded in this section are hosted on a video hosting site called Vimeo.

If you have difficulties viewing the videos at your workplace, we can only apologise for this.  Restrictions on web access are the responsibility of your workplace, it is up to them whether they can allow you access to the videos.

We have tried to raise awareness of this on a national level as this issue will affect all medical staff.  In the meantime, all we can do is suggest that you view the video clips from your own devices from the comfort of your home.


We would like to say a big thank you to Drs Barbara Chandler, David Stewart, David Stephens, Amjad Khan, Christiane Shrimpton, Helen Morrow, Olga Watkins, Krystyna Gruszecka, Hilary Macpherson and Fraz Ansari, without whose help the videos could not have been made.

This page was last updated on: 12/07/2022