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Improving Appraisal Conversations

Improving Appraisal Conversations

This workshop is part of the NES Refresher programme of activities and offered to experienced appraisers who have completed formal medical appraiser training and appraising for at least a year.

This half-day interactive/practical workshop focusses on the skills used to improve appraisal conversations and get the most out of this annual meeting. The format includes a presentation on additional skills to use in appraisal, small and large group discussions, and opportunities to practice the techniques discussed (in small groups) with a trained facilitator.

This training, which includes two practice sessions, aims to give appraisers the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques discussed. As part of the practice session, each participant is asked to consider an appraisal situation to bring into the practice session.

By the end of the workshop, the participants should have gained more confidence in using the required skills in an appraisal setting.

This is an interactive, experiential training day; and the expectation is that you will be in a private, confidential space without interruptions, and without needing to attend to emerging work situations.

For your own learning experience as well as your fellow appraisers, please consider another training date if you are unable to commit to this half-day, delivered virtually via MS Teams.

Application process:

This half-day session is part of the NES Refresher Appraiser programme of activities, and as such places are only offered to Medical Appraisers working in Scotland.  To apply please complete the below form:

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Date: 22/08/2024

Location: MS Teams (9am to 12:30pm)

D/Ref: IAC02A