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Essential Supporting Information for OOH GPs

Essential Supporting Information for OOH GPs

Although OOH doctors are encouraged to use similar supporting information for reflection at their appraisal as for GP Principals and salaried doctors working in a practice, there are aspects of work which are very important to the OOH GP, but of little or no relevance to a GP Principal.

If you work as a Sessional GP who also undertakes OOH work, you should reference the sessional GPs Toolkit for some of your supporting information. You can use any of the tools in it if they are relevant to your OOH work.

However, you will find examples in this OOH toolkit which give you ideas on how you might use existing tools in a different way, and some alternative ideas.

These can be used by any doctor who undertakes OOH work - including GP Principals, as well as Sessional GPs or those who work only in an OOH service.

Peer Group

Whenever possible, try to form an association with a group of peers. In these groups it will usually be possible to use tools and examples designed for group work which have the clear advantage of allowing you to reflect with colleagues, learn with them, and get external feedback on the quality of what you are doing.

It is well worth asking the OOH organisation for which you work whether they can help you to set up such a group. They should be able to provide you with a venue, and to help you to gather data and materials related to the work you do for the group to study. They may also be able to involve Health Board personnel such as pharmacists to give input on your prescribing, or an audit facilitator to help you to undertake audit work as a group.

We recognise this isn't always possible, but this toolkit should give ideas for what you can do when collaboration and support aren't readily available to you.

This page was last updated on: 21/03/2022