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Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork

Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork

For Domain 3, both  Feedback from Colleagues and Feedback from Patients are required once in a 5 year cycle (though not necessarily in the same year).


Once each in every five year cycle you need to undertake:

  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)
  • Patient Survey

These can count as your quality improvement activities for the years in which you undertake them.

The details of these surveys are found in the main SOAR Toolkit and are no different for OOH doctors.

It is recognised that OOH doctors will find completion of these feedback surveys easier if they receive support from the employing organisation. We advise that you should ask the service manager to assist you. It is in the interests of the employer to help you with MSF and it is a requirement of the organisation that they obtain patient feedback, so you should find support is readily available.

Communication skills (these tools could also be used in domains 1 or 2)

  • Working with a colleague in the out of hours service: you could use structured reflective templates with recordings of telephone consultations which are part of the standard record for most OOH organisations
  • Formative observation proforma working within a doctors' study group:
    • using role play
    • audio records of consultations
    • approved video: this needs an employer's agreement, equipment, and probably extra time for your consultations, so potentially a longer surgery - as well as a trained observer to give you feedback (see Consultations Skills from main toolkit for more details)
    • use of a patient enablement questionnaire or the CARE measure, which again would require support and input from your OOH service (more details are available from the main toolkit)

This page was last updated on: 21/03/2022