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Review of Videoed Consultations

Review of Videoed Consultations

Watching and reflecting upon a video recording of yourself can be a very useful way of reflecting upon your skills.

However... is usually difficult to gain the maximum from this in isolation. Others watching us consult can help us to identify our strengths and areas for improvement that we are unable to identify ourselves. This is true of EVERYONE. No one produces ideal consultations on every occasion, and everyone can learn from their colleagues. You may choose to obtain feedback on your consultations in one of two ways - either peer review, or by discussion with a colleague trained in consultation feedback skills. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

If you submit your consultation video for peer review then experienced general practitioners, skilled in providing this type of feedback, will view it. They aim to consolidate what is good, and suggest areas where alternative techniques may be effective. You may like the anonymity of this arrangement, or you may prefer to discuss your consultations with a trained and trusted colleague, where the aims will be the same, but you will have the opportunity to discuss the cases. Using a close colleague or friend to discuss your consultation with always runs a risk of collusion; it is wise to make explicit the aims of the exercise before you start. In both situations you are expected to demonstrate that you:

  • Discover the reason for the patient's attendance
  • Define the clinical problem(s)
  • Explain the problem(s) to the patient
  • Address the patient's problem(s)
  • Make effective use of the consultation

The skills that you use to achieve these tasks will be considered under the following headings:

  • Communication
  • Partnership
  • Health Enablement
  • Management Plan
  • Insight and Understanding

For more information on peer review for SEA please visit:

Make Video Consultations

This page was last updated on: 10/03/2022