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Working in an Academic Role - Overview

Working in an Academic Role - Overview

Academic roles in general practice generally involve teaching and/or research.

Training or Tutoring

Training GP Registrars or tutoring undergraduates will be accountable through training practice accreditation or review by the appropriate University department. Feedback will be provided, although the frequency and depth of feedback may vary. The processes involved in being appointed as a Trainer and formal training practice reaccreditiation share some common features with performance review, and reaccreditation can ultimately lead to withdrawal of training status. Tutors in contrast may get limited feedback and there may be limited personal contact.

Your appraisal is not an assessment and it offers you the opportunity to reflect with your appraiser on any feedback you have had, and to review your own feelings, problems, needs and aspirations for your work in these roles.


Research is usually accountable to a grant awarding body, and it will have been subject to scrutiny from the relevant ethics committee. Often there are additional routes for accountability, including mentorship or a director of research. Doctors with a formal academic teaching research post will often have a performance review which will focus on their achievement towards academic objectives.

Your appraisal offers you an opportunity to reflect outside the confines of your accountability structure. It also allows you to discuss your future plans in research and to explore in confidence any difficulties that you are encountering with those to whom you are accountable or to whom you look for support.

An additional appraisal form has been created on SOAR for those with an academic role. It is also possible to have an academic co-appraiser registered on the SOAR system.  If you do not have access to "Academic Medicine" on your Form 3, please contact your local Admin teams for further assistance (they will need to know who your academic appraiser is).

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