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Refresher training update

Posted Date: 03 Aug 2021

An update for appraisers.

We are currently reviewing and updating the refresher training for appraisers. In addition to the dedicated NES run sessions that will be available again from next year, there are a number of current opportunities for you to refresh your knowledge and skills:

  • Modules developed for new appraiser training that you can work through as a refresher on a specific topic. These are available here.
  • Two webinars on coaching for appraisers to be delivered by Dr Iain Wallace. Dates for these will be advertised soon, look out for them in your communications from NES (you can also opt in to "NES-run events" on SOAR news alerts).
  • Video recordings from the Medical Appraisal Conference sessions 2021. These are available here.
  • Peer support sessions run by your local Appraisal Leads.

In future there will be further dedicated modules on other topics and we are also looking to offer more sessions on specific topics like the coaching one referred to above. If you have any specific areas you feel would be helpful to include please let us know

Best wishes

Dr Christiane Shrimpton
Associate Postgraduate Dean for Appraisal and Revalidation (NES)

This page was last updated on: 03/08/2021